Çatalca District Directorate of National Education has invited volunteer teachers working as class teacher and Physical Education teacher in order to promote the results of our EGPIS-2 Project.
The meeting was held on 03/10/2019 at 13.30 in the Adult Education Centre Conference Hall with attandance of 64 teachers. At tthe beginning of the project , Project Researcher Yusuf KARA gave general information about EGPIS1 and EGPIS2 Projects. He gave a presentation on what we have done with girls as pilot activities. In the second part, our project trainer Eda GÜZELÇİÇEK presented our project outputs such as guide and workshop findings. During the last part, our teacher trainer Özgü ÖZTÜRK shared her expertise on how to deal with gender problems, reminding our teacher the clues to create a gender-friendly/gender neutrality atmosphere at schools. Tips for not to alienate girls from any kind of activities.
Teachers who has already had education on gender issues showed great attention to our pathway to create peacefull and encouraging settings for girls .EGPiS2 guide was sent to all participants’ e-mail addresses after the meeting.